Lucas Elliott

Using batch to solve your problems.


My name is Lucas Elliott, and I am a batch coder. I write programs for windows users, as well as tools for batch coders to use in their scripts. All of my work can be found here on github, but some of my downloads / installers are stored here. I run out of Shrewsbury, MA, USA.



I've been coding in batch for as long as I can remember. Originally copying scripts from online and customizing them, I eventually got the hang of it. Now, after years of writing .bat files, I am a well known batch coder. I'm the head programmer for IT Command, plus I've been a writer for TheBATeam articles for some time now, also acting as one of their top consultants. I've designed over twenty advanced batch programs and have solved many people's problems on places like Superuser, Reddit, and Stack-Overflow. Now I've created this website with installers for my most popular programs. Some of my well known programs are Update-Onedrive, FTP-Chat, Chat-Batch, 911-Emergancy, CMDS, Auto-Parameters, DISM Manager, Batch-Color, and my most famous: in2batch