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Why I'm Better Than You All

My name is Lucas Elliott. I grew up with a life so hard that few of you could possibly comprehend it in your small minds, so I will not even attempt to describe it. Just know that my suffering, was unto no end. My sorrow, was to the bottom of my soul. My pain, was that of such strength, that surly an innocent dog would have found a way to kill itself if it knew but a moment of it.

Of course my amazing perseverence despite these troubles has rewarded me knowledge, and immense writing skills. Therefore, I have written down some of my thoughts and writings, so that you may but glimpse into the mind of one so wise that he may one day save millions, if indeed he has not already.

My brilliant writing

If you cannot read this, you are but too simple of a mind to be here. You should go and save your few brain cells, for the work that is neccessary for you to live.

Thinking Man on Couch

Depths of Pain


Lack Of Flies

Traditional Library

The Curse of Great Knowldge

Amazing poetry for hire

If you think of yourself as an intilectual, you are wrong. Only those who see themselves as siple humble people, people such as myself, are truly intilectual. That being said, you may purchase some of my work for the small price of $300. It will be what I say it is, as your input would only hinder the beauty of my work. It will be shipped in gold-leafed paper.



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All Letters Must Be Hand Delivered

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