Penetration Testing

Electronic security starts with your physical machines. The best network security will be of no help if a criminal can walk in and take your hard drive. "Penetration Testing" is when you give a specialized team permission to try and break into your company or home. You cannot inform your employees before hand. It is designed as a test of your current situation. Then, the testers will help you fix anything they find. IT Command does not have on-site experts for pentesting, however we invite you to join our learning program.

ITCMD Pentesting Learning Program

Help us become better at what we love. Invite us to preform a pentest on your company. If we find and exploit an issue, we charge $50-$75 depending on the severity of the issue and will provide you with instructions on how to fix the vulnerability with a report. If we find nothing, we charge you $0. You pay nothing, not even travel fees as long as you're within 30 miles of our Lancaster location. Our goal is to learn and improve ourselves as well as our customers. A win-win situation.